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Please check back for updates. The Moose AppBook and game will be available on your mobile device soon!

Have you ever seen a Moose brushing his teeth? AppBook
$3.99 on iTunes or the Android Market

Have you ever seen a Moose go rubby-dub-dub? Goggles and noseplug?!? A crash in mid-flight?

Join the antics of this bathing bonanza as Moose grabs his scrubby-dub brush and Mr. Moose Bubbles and belly flops and sings his way to being a clean Moose.

With its rhyming, sing-song lyrics and electric illustrations, this book captures a wonder of nature while reassuring young children that bath time is fun!

"From the pages of her travel journal, . . .crafted the words into a compelling, humorous children's book, filled with delightful illustrations." (Written by Lisa Young Stiers in Indy's Child)

Have you ever seen a Moose play a game?

Free on iTunes or the Android Market

Play with Moose and friends as he tries to spit through falling hoops. Hilarious fun for people of all ages. Includes sound effects and unique animations.

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